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Friday, September 23, 2005


Once again I’ve found myself lagging with this blog, but I’ve been keeping up with pretty much everything else. I’m walking indoors to a videotape, I’ve begun a twenty-one-day meatless fast, and that’s going pretty well, and I’ve been keeping up with my writing groups. My weakness lies in submitting to the different markets. One reason is, let’s face it, I hate REJECTION! But I also know if I don’t submit I can’t get accepted, right? So this week I’m focusing on SUBMISSIONS! How many did I do? Two-one to a contest, one to a devotional mag. For me that’s very good, but I want to be excellent. So next week I’ll submit three. How about that?

On a somber note, once again we’re bracing for another hurricane. Hurricane Rita. In New Orleans the streets are now beginning to dry, dead bodies are still around and people are still in a state of shock. People who had been evacuated to nearby Texas are now running from Texas. The Bible says in the last days men will run to and fro, their hearts failing them for fear. We cannot run from God and His wrath, the answer is to run to him. Won’t you run to Him today?
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