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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Alligator Story

This week I came across a little story about a woman, let’s call her Liz, who was in love with a man we’ll call Greg. Liz wanted to go and meet Greg but in order to get to him she had to cross a river teeming with alligators, and to make matters worse the bridge over the river was washed out. So Liz went to Captain Sinbad and asked him to take her across in his boat. Sinbad demanded certain favors which Liz refused. She then approached Harry who turned her down, so she went back to Sinbad and agreed to his terms. Once the deal was closed, Sinbad fulfilled his promise and delivered her into Greg’s arms. However, when Liz told Greg what she had to do in order to get to him, Greg became angry and dumped her. Liz found another guy, Sampson, who beat Greg up for the way he treated Liz, and in the end Liz and Sampson ride off in the sunset together.

Now this did not happen on the Jerry Springer show or one of the popular soaps. However, when we examine the story closely we may judge Liz for her lack of morals or Greg for his unwillingness to forgive, but I think the take of the story is how far would we go to get what we want. This lady was willing to cross a river teeming with alligators in order to get to the man she loved, or thought she loved.

I think for all of us there is a Greg that we may be prepared to go to any lengths to have. Our Greg may be a job, a promotion, a spouse, a car. Whatever it is we have to be careful, especially as women, not to compromise our values, because like Liz we may realize that our Greg is not really worth the trouble. God bless.
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