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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hold on

This past week my mind was saddened by the disasters that occurred here in Georgia and neighboring Alabama. In case you didn't watch the news, tornadoes touched down in these two places taking a number of lives, including that of eight children in Alabama. And as if that wasn't enough some baseball players and others injured when their bus hit the overpass and tumbled over to the highway below.

Always one to cry easily, I wept as I watched the news, thinking of the age-old question, Why do bad things happen to good people? Of course there are no answers, but I do want to extend some words of comfort to the families who lost their loved ones and to the people who lost their homes and possessions.

When the storms hit
And life looks bleak
When all we can do is ask "God, why?"
As lives and dreams bid us good-bye.
Hold on.

When we have no more tears to shed,
And sorrow still rears his ugly head
When nothing one can say will bring back
that child, that house, that smile.
Hold on

For the sun will shine again,
Hope and peace will be yours again
Your shoulders will straighten
Your burden will lighten
Dear one, hold on.
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