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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sound off!

I usually don't sound off on things that are happening in the country, but after the tragedy at Virginia Tech last week, I feel I should say something. Contrary to what the President of the college said, I don't think every thing was done to prevent the massacre. I believe that after the first two people were murdered, shock must have rendered the authorities impotent to handle the situation, because in my opinion more could have been done to offset the massacre that followed.

For the college to remain open after the first two murders is to treat the situation like if someone had just stolen cookies from the cookie jar. Did authorities think the atmosphere following the shooting would be conducive to learning, or teaching? Did they expect to have business as usual after two people had been murdered on the campus? Did they hope to find the gunman on a campus of over twenty thousand students?

However, leveling blame would not bring back that teacher who used his body to protect his students, or those students who left home that morning with hopes of a bright future. My heart goes out to the bereaved families and friends and to the Chos who are hurting in a way we may never understand. But as some have said, let us hope that this incident would spark a lot of dialog as to how to prevent a similar recurrence from happening anywhere in the country.
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