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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Who Are You Betting On?

As I was watching CNN a while ago I heard that over two billion dollars are expected to be exchanged in bets on who would win this Sunday's Super Bowl. According to one report, the Super Bowl is the gambling mecca of professional sports. No other sport comes close to it. Even Big Business gets into the act with commercials specially designed to spur the public to purchase their products.

So who are you betting on? The Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks? See? I know the names, but that is as much as I know because when it comes to betting, the only one I bet on is Jesus Christ. Well, you say, He is not in the running. I'm not so sure. Atheists have launched a billboard urging fans not to pray for their teams. Makes you wonder what they are afraid of.

So, yes, I'll have my TV on, and I'll glance at it now and then, mostly when the commercials are on, but my bet will always be on Jesus Christ. He is a winner every time.
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