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Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Lift Up My Eyes To The Hills

English: Trinidad and Tobago Northern range fr...
English: Trinidad and Tobago Northern range from the Asa Wright Nature Centre, my photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Is there a particular natural feature that makes you catch your breath, stare in wonder, sets your pulse racing? I think almost all of nature makes me stand in awe and think about the One who created it, but there is one particular feature that really sets my soul on fire, and that is mountains. Having just returned from a short vacation in my native country Trinidad and Tobago, mountains are very much on my mind. From the minute the plane begins to descend, my eyes are riveted on the hills and they are the last things I look at when I am leaving.

Tall, forest-clad, majestic, their highest peak stands just over 3000 feet, so they are really considered hills in comparison to the mountains of the world, but for me they are impressive enough to make me love them. They frame the small island with their undulating beauty and form a protective barrier from hurricane winds. It was said that when Christopher Columbus discovered Trinidad in 1498 and he saw the three peaks of the Northern Range, they reminded him of the Trinity, and so he named the island La Trinidad which later became Trinidad.

When I look at those hills, so majestic, so immovable, so protective, so invincible, so impenetrable I can't help but think about my Creator who is all those things and more. Hills and mountains have many benefits for the people of that land. In addition to providing protection from strong winds, they were used as forts in time of war. From the hills come rivers and streams to water the land and cause crops to grow. Wild animals dwell there and precious minerals lie buried.

We can compare the hills to our God. He is our protector, our refuge, our provider and the source of all our supply. He cannot be moved, He protects us in our sleeping and waking moments, He cannot be destroyed and no one can fathom His height or depth, length or breadth. He is as solid, as timeless and as breathtaking as the hills. No wonder the Psalmist wrote, "I lift up my eyes to the hills-- where does my help come from?" (Psalm 121: 1)
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