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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Reflections Of 2014

As the year closes, it is customary to look back on the past months at the things that impacted us and the
world around us in some way.  And in case we forget something, we can always count on the news media to remind us. So as I watched a quick recap of highlights of 2014 on CNN, I couldn't help thinking how much we need Jesus in our day and age. Let's look at a few events, in no chronological order, that kept us riveted to the screen.

The Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with 227 passengers and 12 Malaysian crew members that disappeared while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia to Beijing Capital International Airport. Despite the combined effort of many nations and despite being the most extensive and expensive search (reportedly over AU 52 million) in aviation history, there has been no confirmed sighting of debris from the missing plane. Where is it? Only God knows.

This, along with the Ray Rice scandal, the Bill Cosby rape allegations, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, increased persecution of Christians by terrorist groups, police shootings in the US and the resulting protests, made 2014 a bumper year for depressing news. Is 2015 going to be any different? We have to wait and see. But through it all, we can be assured of one thing. Despite the increasing darkness in our world, the light of Jesus Christ continues to shine. In fact, the darker it gets the brighter the light. Now, if that isn't comforting I don't know what is.

Happy New Year!  

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