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Sunday, March 10, 2013

God Answers Prayer

Many times the news that comes to us from around the world about Christians being persecuted for their faith can be very discouraging. Two years ago I published the following post:

An Iranian Christian is in prison facing a death sentence for leaving Islam. Iran's Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty for Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani who has been in prison since last year, although Iran has not executed a citizen for changing faiths since 1990. The pastor's death sentence sends a strict warning that other Iranians who have converted to Christianity could face a similar fate. Let us pray for Pastor Yousef and other Christians worldwide who are facing persecution.

Today I am happy to say that Pastor Yousef has been freed and he attributes it to our prayers on his behalf. Speaking at the Christian Solidarity Worldwide's national conference, Pastor Yousef said he is alive today because of "what your prayers did for me."
The pastor continued, "My prayer is, I ask the Lord to bless you for what you did for me as a small member of the Body of Christ. Today my presence here is the will of God and the result of what your prayers did for me."

Isn't that wonderful news? God does hear and answer prayer.   

Christianity in British schools

In other good news from around the world, a recent poll in England revealed that nearly two-thirds of those surveyed want Christianity taught in schools. Fifty-one percent said that Christianity provides a moral compass that helps children decipher right from wrong. This should put us to shame here in the US where we have taken Christianity out of our schools.
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