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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Let's Have A Blast

Recently, I overheard a preacher on radio announcing his upcoming event. He ended with the words, "It's going to be a blast." I suppose there's nothing wrong with "having a blast" at a Christian conference. After all, the Bible does tell us to "rejoice in the Lord and be glad," Psalm 32: 11, but as I thought about it I couldn't help comparing what he said to the election campaigns being run here in America. Everyone seems to be having a blast - especially the candidates. And the media, not to be outdone, gleefully bring us a blow by blow account of the latest sensational sayings of so-and-so.

Is this what running for office has come down to? A blast? Forget about ISIS, the refugee crisis, gun violence, escalating drug addiction and our broken healthcare system.That's nasty business. No one wants to talk about that. Instead, let's call each other names and compare hand size and while we're at it, why not have a pie-throwing contest?

I am currently studying the book of 1 Kings. That book is an eye-opener. It traces the source of the people's problems or their successes straight back to their kings. When a good king reigned, the people prospered, when a bad king reigned, the people suffered.

Psalm 33: 12 says,  Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance. 

 Is God our Lord in America, or are we simply having a blast? Let's think about that as we prepare to choose another 'king.'
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