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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Some of the things I hear on the news never cease to amaze me. This week a case was brought before the court against a mother who gave false information about where she lived in order to get her kids into schools in another city. The prosecutor asked that the woman be sent to jail for one year because of this. However the woman pointed out that while she and the kids did not live at that address, her family did, and they would be able to provide after school care for her kids when necessary.

My heart filled with compassion for the woman, and I could see no earthly reason for such harsh punishment. Had the prosecutor ever lied in his life? How many criminals are walking about scot free because they and their attorneys lied? What happened to mercy, understanding and forgiveness? Our court system is based on the laws of the Bible, and I think that prosecutors should consider this before bringing certain cases before the court. I thought about Jesus and the compassion He felt for mankind. He forgave sinners and commanded us to forgive.

I'm not saying that everyone who lies should not face the consequences. What I'm saying is that each case should be judged on its own merit. I'm happy to say that the jury found the woman not guilty on all counts and she was set free. After the hearing the D.A. said his office never intended for her to be sent to jail. So why tie up the court's time with matters that could be settled otherwise? Do taxpayers have time or money to waste? Not with gas prices at over $3.00 a gallon. Are we being told the truth about the reason for those hight prices? Hmm.