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Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Month Of Thankfulness - Unexpected Kindness

In the Bible, Jesus tells us to seek and we will find. Since embarking on this month of thankfulness I have been seeking out things to be thankful for, and I have been finding that the little things can really make our day as much as if we'd received something big.

Yesterday evening as I entered the supermarket parking lot, I saw that the second space was vacant, but someone had left a grocery cart in the middle of it. I slowed, intending to come out and move the cart so I could park, but before I could stop, a lady came hurrying up pushing her own cart. She quickly moved the cart aside and went into the supermarket.

Amazed at this unexpected act of kindness, I pulled into the space, took the cart and hurried into the supermarket hoping to thank her, but when I got in there I never saw her. Her act of kindness lingered with me the whole time, reminding me that despite what we hear on the news everyday, there are many kind-hearted people out there and there is still so much to be thankful for.
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