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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Month Of Thankfulness - The Weather

Frozen LIQUID (Photo credit: audioburnr)
As I stepped out into the freezing 48 degree temperature this morning, I was truly thankful. I say freezing because in Florida that's what it feels like to us. And I am thankful that we don't have the kind of really freezing temperatures that other states are having. So, I'm thankful for 48. And I don't mind if it hangs around for a few days.

Let us pray that there will be no further loss of lives and that God will send some relief soon to the people who are really suffering on account of this weather.   And let's pray especially for the homeless, that they will find warm and comfortable shelter from this brutal cold.
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quietspirit said...

I live in Indiana. Today it was 22 degrees. Two days ago it the temps were preceded by a minus sign. We have had a six inch snowfall and a 12 inch snowfall. If it rains in two days, we will be faced with te possibilities of flooding Please pray for us. Today was the first day my husband and I got out since Saturday.

Angela Joseph said...

I'll be praying, quietspirit!